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Talent concept

Talent concept

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  Establish an employment mechanism that allows people to make the best use of their talents and get up and down

  Shanghai Shangdian Washer Co., Ltd. draws on the advanced human resource management ideas at home and abroad, comprehensively breaks the limitations of the old employment mechanism, reforms and innovates, forge ahead, and creates all means to ensure that those who can get better, those who are mediocre are getting better, those who are mediocre are getting better, and those who are equal are getting better. Establish the management philosophy that human resources is the first resource, dare to invest in human resources, attach importance to the training and development of human resources, and eliminate the phenomenon of overcrowding in some positions and unattended in some positions. Do your best to make the best use of your talents. In the use of talents, the ideal state where everyone has something to do and everything is done has been achieved.

   Attracting talents from multiple sources, retaining talents strategically, using talents with all their strength

  Shanghai Shangdian Gasket Co., Ltd. regards talents as the source and driving force of enterprise development. In the way of talent introduction, it adheres to the lean and pragmatic policy, and adopts various methods such as cooperation with universities, recruitment fairs, and online talent introduction. High-quality talent. Through continuous strengthening of education, the concept of respecting, cherishing, and correct use of advanced talents has been established, and the policy of hiring talents based on the quantity of talents and employing talents only has been achieved, achieving "recruitment, retention, and use". Provide sufficient stamina for the development of the enterprise.

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