We Equipped With The Most Recent Technologh Manufacturing Equipment And More Than 150 Skilled Workmanship.


Shanghai Shangdian Washer Co., Ltd. is an enterprise reorganized by the former Shanghai Washer Factory under the reform situation. The company currently employs more than 150 people.

The main products are standard parts, flat washers, spring washers, stamping parts and elastic components. The company's annual production capacity reaches 5,000 tons, 70% of which are exported to the United States, Germany, Western Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, South Africa, the Middle East and other countries and regions. In China, it mainly supplies products from related companies affiliated to Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen, Second Automobile Fukang, Beijing Jeep, and Siemens.

Thanks to the strong support and care from all walks of life for many years, the company's performance has grown rapidly. In order to adapt to the advent of internationalization, diversification and modernization, the company will meet the needs of our customers with better products and services.



Our Vision

>>SHANGHAI SHANGDIAN's vision is to become the best and most successful washer manufacturer in the world.

Our Mission

>>All our activtives is to enchanged the competetiveness of our customers by offering technical and commercial support.

Our Goal

>>Our goal is to match the design, size & material, enchance the producting capability, in order to reduce costs without compromising quality standard.